(updated 24/08/2020)

Please note that many of our course components are available online. Be sure to enquire. Call 07 3142 0610.

In response to the latest developments in the battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, Axxis IQ has taken the following positions to keep everyone safe:

Conditions of entry to any Axxis IQ controlled site:

  1. All persons entering our premises are required to undertake a daily forehead temperature check at reception and agree to follow the control measures detailed below. The results of these checks will be recorded.
  2. Visitors will be required to sign in correctly in our visitor register.
  3. Students are required to sign their class attendance register.
  4. All visitors including students may be required to complete and sign a daily COVID-19 declaration.
  5. The following control measures apply daily and your circumstances may change overnight.

Infection control measures:

  1. Persons recording a temperature exceeding 37 degrees will be asked to leave the premises immediately and we strongly suggest attending a COVID-19 checking centre for testing and self-isolate until the results are known.
  2. If you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms you are requested to not attempt to enter our premises.
  3. If you have not completed 14 days of isolation after being in close contact with a known case of COVID-19 you are requested to not attempt to enter our premises.
  4. If you have not completed 14 days of isolation after being present in a declared COVID-19 hotspot area, you are requested to not attempt to enter our premises.
  5. If you have been in contact with a traveller from overseas who has not yet completed 14 days of isolation, you are requested to not attempt to enter our premises.
  6. Persons entering our premises are requested to not shake hands with other persons. If you do so inadvertently, please sanitise immediately.
  7. Persons entering the premises (entrants) must avoid contact with others, always maintaining social distancing of 1.5 metres, or they may be asked to leave.
  8. Where social distancing cannot be easily maintained, a facemask must be worn. Face masks are available upon request at reception, as are alcohol wipes and nitrile gloves.
  9. If coughing or sneezing, entrants are requested to cover their mouth and nostrils with a tissue or the crook of their elbow. Tissues must be disposed of immediately and hands cleansed as described below.
  10. All site entrants must agree to regularly either wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, or use an alcohol based sanitiser. Both methods are provided on site.
  11. Students are allocated one 1800mm long desk and one chair for their sole use for the duration of their time at Axxis IQ and are requested to always use the same items throughout their time at Axxis IQ.
  12. Students are requested to wipe down their desk and chair thoroughly at the end of each day with a disinfectant or alcohol wipe.
  13. If any entrant begins to experience any potential symptoms of COVID-19 during the day, they are requested to notify Axxis IQ of this immediately and leave the premises promptly in accordance with item 1 above.
  14. Any person who has attended a COVID-19 testing station is requested to not enter these premises until they have received an official negative result and the all-clear from testing personnel. Self-quarantining should be applied until results are known.
  15. If you exhibit any of the following symptoms you are requested to not enter any Axxis IQ controlled premises until you have been clear of symptoms for at least 14 days, or have provided a medical clearance certificate.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Axxis IQ policy and procedures or require further information please call us on

07 3142 0610 

Axxis IQ acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands upon which we work and pays respect to elders past, present and emerging.

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