User Choice Program Student fees

Queensland Government Skills Assure User Choice Funding Program Student Fees

Student fees for the Queensland Government Skills Assure User Choice Funding Program are mandatory and are calculated at $1.60 per nominal hour as specified in the relevant Victorian Training Package Purchasing Guide.

In almost all instances, the cost of mandatory Skills Assure User Choice student contribution fees may be offset by a range of excellent incentives from the federal government and the Queensland Government. Eligible employers receive very generous Workcover,  Payroll Tax concessions from the Queensland Government, plus under certain eligibility conditions the federal government may provide additional incentives and/or wage subsidies.

Whilst student contribution fees are levied on students, in the vast majority of cases, employers agree to pay for these fees on the student’s behalf as a part of their employee training responsibilities under the WHS Act of 2012.

Please click on the heading above to view details of Skills Assure policy regarding student contribution fees including eligible Student contribution fee reduction and exemption information. 

A list of units relevant to Skills Assure User Choice funded courses provided by Axxis IQ is shown below along with relevant mandatory co-contribution fees which have been rounded for clarity.

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