Eligibility: HQCP

Axxis IQ (Axxis Industry Qualifications) is proud to work in conjunction with Construction Skills Queensland in the provision of heavily subsidised qualifications. Eligibility requirements apply. 

Eligibility rules can be quite confusing and most find it productive to contact Axxis IQ on 07 3142 0610 to discuss their personal situation.

For the purposes of eligibility under the CSQ Program Agreement, ALL participants MUST meet the following criteria:

Eligibility: Higher Qualifications Civil Program

Scope of work: Eligible participants must provide evidence they are existing workers or unemployed (for less than 4-years) workers in the Construction Industry, who work the majority of their time in one or more of the following:
   1.  New work, renovations or extensions to residential or commercial buildings
   2.  Installation services for interiors of buildings including but not limited to associated trades such as electrical, plumbing, flooring etc.
   3.  Land development and site preparation for the purposes of construction
   4.  Work on designated Major Projects including applications of heavy & civil engineering used in the construction of infrastructure

In the requirements that follow, the right to work in Australia means holding one or more of the following:

   1.   A current green Medicare Card (or providing a current MyGov Medicare snapshot)
   2.   An Australian or New Zealand Birth Certificate or extract (not a commemorative certificate)
   3.   A valid Visa with relevant permission to work (this does not includes international student visas)
   4.   An Australian or New Zealand Passport (up to 6-months after expiry)
   5.   A Certificate of Residence Status (CERS) that clearly shows Australian permanent residency status

Eligible Participants MUST:

(a)   have the right to work in Australia and be an Eligible Worker or Unemployed Eligible Worker in Queensland and

(b)   if an apprentice or trainee, have completed at least 50% of the Registered Training Plan for their apprenticeship or traineeship 

(Note: for this program an Eligible Worker may include relevant clerical, administration and professional staff whose employer is a part of the Building & Construction Industry.)


(e)   be an employee of an Authority other than a local council (see below) or,

(f)   be currently enrolled and participating in a Queensland secondary school program unless a school based apprentices or trainee or,

(g)   be a contracted trainer or assessor or existing worker of an RTO or,

(h)   be funded by an Authority or such other source, for the delivery of the same training as that being undertaken as a part of this CSQ program or,

(i)   be seeking Verification of Competency or Determination of Competency services under this CSQ funding arrangement.

Workers employed by the following government entities or corporation are NOT eligible for CSQ programs.

   State or Government Departments (excluding local councils)

Government owned Corporations including but not limited to:

   CS Energy Ltd;
   Stanwell Corporation Ltd;
   CleanCo Queensland;
   Powerlink Queensland;
   Energy Queensland;
   QIC Ltd;
   Far North Queensland P
orts Corporation (Ports North);
   Port of Brisbane;
   Gladstone Ports Corporation Ltd;
   Port of Townsville Ltd;
   North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation Ltd;
   Sunwater Ltd;
   Urban utilities;
   Water Secure.

Statutory bodied including but not limited to:

   Queensland Rail;
   Jobs Queensland.

Commonwealth Government Departments and agencies including but not limited to:

   Australian Army;
   Royal Australian Air Force;
   Royal Aust Navy

Commonwealth companies including but not limited to:

   Australian Naval Infrastructure Pty Ltd;
   Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd;
   NBN Co Ltd;
   Australian Universities;
   Mt Isa Mines;

Corporate Commonwealth entities including but not limited to:

   Australia Post;
   Defence Housing Australia.

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Axxis IQ acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands upon which we work and pays respect to elders past, present and emerging.

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